Learning Hey Joe

Listening again last night to Hey Joe, I’ve thought, why not learn to play it properly? Without losing any valuable time learning “how” to play guitar, music theory and notation I’ll spend some extra time learning this great song. There’s loads of information on YouTube and I know Justin does some good stuff on it.

Spent some proper time on second position and power chords and the open chords on Hey Joe. C G D A E. That switch from E to C is great.

Hey Joe

Been listening to some different versions of Hey Joe tonight. What a classic piece of music. Probably my favourite is Tim Rose’s version but there are so many. Love did a very good version as well. Music like this really makes me think what a better era the middle and late ’60’s were to live in. There were obviously very tough times as well with Vietnam and riots but……

Here’s something from Forever Changes. Love’s view point on 1967.

Been playing more second position stuff tonight. Important that it becomes completely natural.

Back at Work

So back to work after a few days off. Getting a few minutes of practise on guitar before I leave. Must though make a point of increasing this early morning playing. Sets the day off well but need to make it habit forming.

Still practising second position which I’ll do until it comes naturally. Moved on as well to power chords which are good fun. Easy to play but hard to play well. Downstrokes are fine but upstrokes on two strings are a bit tricky. What I’ll be doing is playing “Steady Groove” for as long as it takes to be completely at ease with it. All good stuff though.

Third Day Off

I’ve been away most of the day with Fraser and Sophie, visiting Mum & Dad. Good day out. Watched some snooker when I got back and they were talking about frame of mind and the amount of practise these players do. So much of it is a “can do, will do” attitude and that’s what is required for anything, including guitar.

I’ve been working all week on Key of A in second position. Need to keep practising it and make sure I understand the Keys.

So not too difficult a song, but a nice piece of Handel and good to work on.

Day Off Work

Good walk in the woods this morning. Enjoying time off work. So fortunate to live here. A cold wind to clear my mind ready for some practise.

I’ve spent a bit of time practising today. I work through topics and continually go back and revise and review previous topics. That way I’m not getting stuck on one thing, however, I don’t like to move on before I’m satisfied I understand what I’m working at.


This is going to chronicle my journey about learning to play guitar. From the outset I’ll make it clear that it is not intended as a teaching aid for other people although it might interest others in my situation. I am not a teacher, I am a student! I am however hoping that writing about my playing might help me over time. I may every so often diverge onto another topic that interests me but the main subject is of course guitar.

I started playing guitar very late, I’m 58. I’ve been playing for a couple of years and initially took a lot of lessons from an extremely talented player which has been a huge help.

Now going to think about why I want to play and where I am.