Got out shooting at the range this morning. Very cold but perfect weather. Gun is unbelievably accurate so very happy with it.

Got some guitar practise in the evening. Not playing well but absolutely no point in worrying. Cannot seem to find F# and chords fair buzzing!

Started working on Blues in A.


Going to relax for a couple of days. While still playing guitar and practising and learning, I’m going to put a bit of extra fun in it.

Playing Catchy Riff at the moment which is good practise for melody and chords.

Be Clear

Just typing this at work. If I’m to improve to the stage where I might consider myself to be “good” at guitar, I need to really lose myself in it. I obviously have other important interests and hobbies but it must become a real part of my life.

I think I can go along with that.

Been playing tonight. I’ve jumped about from chords to melodies and back again. I think what I need to do is plan what I want to achieve before I start a practise session. Be very clear in what I want to do.

Chord Pairs

Did some revision tonight. Going to spend some time on chord pairs. Again, look for accuracy and timing and absolutely no buzzing. Going to go through all the chords over the next few days. By Sunday I also want to be confident with the section on power chords.


Started thinking about picking techniques and accuracy when playing power chords. Is it best to angle the pick or slant it or what? Found a very good YouTube lesson which basically said stop analysing it so much and play a million times! Probably good advice for everything. Also makes me realise again that there is no hurry. Take time to get things right!

It’s on

Anyway I found him very easy to listen to and subscribed to him.

Now playing some Rod Stewart – Maggie May. Straightforward song but getting tangled up a bit. Nothing is simple with music!

Second Day Off

Been updating this website. Added more pages and a non guitar News & Reflections page.

Been playing some more random songs. I think that playing a song where you already know exactly how it should sound will be a big help when studying more complex material from the text book. I’m thinking here of how long to hold a note, pausing or bends etc. I suppose it’s all about using as many aids as possible.

First Day Off

Got up early to collect Roslyn from Leeming. Tidied up a bit in the garden and took Darcy for a walk.

Played some songs. I shot the sheriff and We will rock you. Couldn’t do much else as I had to move out my room. It’s a good idea though to play straight songs as a break from studying. Or even incorporate it into learning sessions. Can’t wait to get back into my room.


Time Off

The start of four days off which is lovely. Going to try and pack in as much as I can and just simply enjoy it.

Had a good bit of guitar time tonight. I won’t be leaving Midnight Special in a hurry. Firstly need to remember that swing feel when I start playing. Secondly bars 12 and 13 on the verse are tricky. I’ll probably have a look at the next pages tomorrow and see what’s coming up. Looking forward to it!

Also practised bass notes tonight.


Day off today. Got some fresh air walking the dogs. Did a bit of tidying up in the house.

So far I am simply not missing the news at all!

Need to concentrate on health and well-being. Put the Fitbit app on the front of my phone to make sure I check it regularly. Helps too with ensuring I get at least a litre of water each day.

Had a good session on guitar. Again, working on power chords and used the CD to play the shuffle in Midnight Special. Lots of practise needed to remember how the music goes.

Was thinking about just how improved my guitar playing will be at the end of the year with working on it every day and thinking about what I am actually doing while practising. That really should be enough to keep me focussed.


Didn’t get back from work until after 8pm. Managed to get a decent bit of practise in though. E5, A5 and D5. Also managed some chord revision. Tomorrow I’m going to look at Midnight Special with the power chords.