Slow Down

It’s New Year and a big opportunity to take stock and slow right down.

There is no need to try and emulate others. There’s no need to try and do extra work. Don’t become involved with others. All that matters is family and health. Do some exercise, eat well get plenty of sleep and pursue interests.

There is a need to avoid trashy news. For that reason I’m going to delete Mail Online. We are constantly surrounded by bad news. What’s the point in reading about it?

Tonight was for tackling power chords. Playing fairly slow and looking for real accuracy. Fast play without accuracy is a complete waste of time. There is no hurry, but it’s a case of pushing myself ever so slightly out of a comfort zone. Playing Steady Groove, Power Chord Shuffle and Midnight Special.

New Year

So half an hour into the New Year. Had a good family night out. A meal and a few drinks. This needs to be a successful and happy New Year. It’s what you make of it. I have so much I want to do and so much I want to achieve with, let’s face it limited time and resources. However, it’s all entirely up to me. I’ll continue this tomorrow.

Beautiful morning. Got up and took Darcy for a good walk. Had lunch with all the family.

Got some guitar practise done. This is how I mean to go on. Playing Midnight Special in second position. I’m tackling it section by section slowly getting it right. This is going to take a while because the lesson is asking to play it many different ways using shuffle and power chords.

I must practise every day. The results will show for themselves and it will be so worth it.

Good Day

Day off and got up early to go shooting. Got to the range early. A bit windy and cold but it was good to get out there again. Enjoyed getting the gun out again. Looking forward to spring at the range. Weather hasn’t been too good recently. Holly and Greg home for New Year so was a good family afternoon. Took Darcy for a walk with Roslyn. Went to the pond.

Got stuck into some guitar in the afternoon. Started on Midnight Special. Suggests lots of different ways to play it so I’ll look at every one of them and learn from it. I’ll look and discuss what is required tomorrow.

Had a few beers at night and we were talking about New Year Resolutions. Mine is guitar. After completing the existing course it’s Rock Guitar with Music Theory. Lots of work to be done but I will succeed.

Tried playing guitar when I got back from pub. That just doesn’t happen 🤪


A good night’s practise on guitar. Did a bit of revision and then went back to power chords. Fairly fluent now on Power Chord Shuffle and Steady Groove. I’m not going to stop practising them though for at least another week. Changes must be absolutely smooth.

Identified the make up of E5 A5 and D5. Should help identify them on the staff.

Feeling better all the time about guitar. It’s getting to the stage that I can play for longer and leave all the shit behind me. That’s a very positive thing indeed.

Some Revision

So that’s Christmas over. Didn’t get as much guitar in as I would have liked but had an enjoyable time anyway. Looking forward to the New Year though.

Played a bit of guitar tonight. Decided to do some revision work. Went over a number of songs playing the melody and rhythm.

Next time I’m off I’ll need to make some firm plans for the New Year for guitar and everything else.

Christmas Day

It’s a week until New Year. It’s a time for reflection on what’s happened this year and start planning for next year.

In the meantime, in Yorkshire with the family and just back from a walk up Carver with Fraser and Darcy. Hard going so I think I need to look at fitness levels or at least start not eating so much.


So it’s been an enjoyable day meeting all the families and kids. Shame I’m working tomorrow but in reality that’s something I’m going to want to embrace from now on. Get everything I possibly can out of it, doing the job in the best and most accurate way. In doing that, I’m certainly going to benefit inside and outside of work. The benefits will be huge. Financially within work and enjoying my pastimes and outside interests. The choice is mine.


Christmas Eve and off today and a visit to the dentist. Lovely weather but didn’t get to the range. Got a few rounds off in the garden though.

Read the music on Steady Groove a bit more carefully with a view to sorting my buzzing strings problem. There are eighth rests! Dampen the strings, get the accuracy and the issue is resolved. Pleased about that, so here we have another tiny piece of the jigsaw in place.

Not rushing anything so we’ll spend plenty more time on this section.


It’s just not easy. But then again if it was, everyone would play guitar or a musical instrument.

It’s been power chords and revision today. Regarding the power chords, I need to slow right down, go for absolute accuracy and watch where my fingers go. Real problems with touching other strings. Every day needs revision focus. This is simply playing other songs that haven’t been played recently or chord progressions. It can be easy to focus on a topic and forget what’s been learnt in the past. So, don’t over focus.

Played some Hey Joe. Get on to the next stage tomorrow.

Bad Habit

I’ve had a bad habit for a number of years. I need to sort it. My fretting fingers tend to press across the strings instead of directly down on them. The result of this? Touching unwanted strings and lots of buzzing. Keeping my nails as short as possible helps but it might be a case of going back to first principles and tackling it from scratch. Anyway, it’s an issue that can definitely be resolved with lots of practise and concentration.

Watching Masterchef tonight. Talking of layers of complexity. That’s the same with music. It’s good.


It’s been a hectic few weeks at work but getting through all the fits and problems. Just loads of stuff to do ready for Boxing Day. Most of the rollstock is on the bars and the rems are ready to be priced. Very tired though but at least there’s nothing to be anxious about!

What’s going to happen with Brexit? I’m thinking I may need to look at doing something else from home again. Just as backup and pension stuff. Will come back to that.

Back to guitar. Power Chords. I’ve a lot of work to do with them. All finger placement to stop this buzzing and touching neighbouring strings. Started playing power chord shuffle. Good stuff but I’ll be sticking with this for a while.